Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Perfect Match a review

Is all about Park Gae In (Julliane) a furniture designer whose trust was betrayed by her bestfriend/roommate (Kim In hee) and boyfriend (Hang Chang Ryeol).  In hee was so envious of her that she wants to get all the things that makes her happy including her boyfriend Chang Ryeol who falls out of love because of her trusting and complacent nature.  She was hurt by the  betrayal since his boyfriend broke up with her on the night before his wedding and to top it all, she only found out that her best friend is going to get wed to her boyfriend on the day of the wedding itself.

The day before the wedding Gae In had the misfortune of meeting an arrogant guy in the person of Jeon Jin Ho.  Jeon Jin Ho (Gino) is an architect who is driven to succeed in competing with Hang Chang Ryeol and his father who uses a lot of scheming and lobbying to win projects for the company that used to be owned by Jeon Jin Ho’s late father.   

Gae In and Jin Ho get to each other’s nerves in their first meeting to put it short and annoyed each other terribly.  However, the two of them was in a situation both cannot escape.  Gae In needs to rent out the room her best friend vacates after incurring a large sum of debt with her house Sangojae as collateral.  Jin ho’s business on the other hand is in the brink of bankruptcy if he fails to get the Design and Arts Arcadia of Myungseung project which he found out was originally offered to Gae In’s father with Sangojae as model. When Jin Ho founds out that Gae in is renting out a room in Sangojae, he offered to rent the place.  With not wanting his father’s disapproval upon knowing her situation Gae In agreed to let Jin Ho rent the room after all her new roommate is a Gay or so she thinks.

Perfect Match, also known as Personal Preference and Personal Taste, stars Boys Before Flowers’ Lee Min Ho and actress Son Ye Jin. The drama is based on a novel called Personal Preference written by Jae In Lee.

This is a very funny feel good drama series airing in ABS-CBN in the Philippines weekdays at 10:30 pm.  If you want to be in love or once more remember how it is to be young and in love, then this is for you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where is Eraño Manalo Avenue?

In honor of the late Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) head, an ordinance upon approval of the Quezon City government last October 18, 2010 was issued renaming Central Avenue to Eraño G. Manalo Avenue.

The ordinance changing the street’s name to honor the late INC leader is in recognition of “his greatness and nobility” in leading the powerful religious group, Quezon City Council said.

In approving ordinance number SP-1961, S-2009, Quezon City Council Majority Floor Leader Ariel Inton said it is only proper to bestow honor to the late Iglesia ni Cristo Executive Minister for playing a significant role in the development of Christianity and for propagating the teaching of universal love.

Inton said Brother Eraño Manalo was an indispensable partner in community development, promoting human relations and strengthening the moral fiber of the society.

“It is only befitting to use his name on a street where motorists and pedestrians from all over Metro Manila and from different parts of the country can remember him for his good deeds,’’ Inton said.

The Iglesia ni Cristo central office complex, a large secured complex is a landmark situated in Eraño G. Manalo Avenue, New Era, Quezon City, Philippines and is the seat of the INC's Central Administration. In addition to the six-story central office building there are six other major edifices and several buildings. The major buildings include the 7,000-seat Central Temple, the multi-purpose Tabernacle Hall, the 30,000-seat central pavilion, the College of Evangelical Ministry, and the New Era General Hospital. In 1968, Eraño Manalo moved the central office from the chapel on Riverside Street, San Juan, Metro Manila to its present location. The INC acquired several hectares of land and in the next forty years transformed the area to what it is today.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Mom's Famous Cooking

It is hard to eat out when your mom is well known for her cooking and you were brought up tasting good food.

For starters, I remember feasting on saucy dishes during lunch on weekends - Kare Kare, Mechado, Kaldereta, Afritada, Menudo, Adobo, etc. - with so much gusto.

Fact is, the dish is yummier if it is reheated several times already. If we have fried fish on the table, then there must be vegetables too - Chop Suey; Pinakbet; Guinataang Laing, Langka or Sitaw at Kalabasa; Guinisang Sayote, Repolyo or Baguio Beans, ahhhh no wonder I got so fat... :)

During festive seasons, the usual entrée would include Morcon, Paella, Rellenong Bangus (Stuffed Milked Fish), Embutido, Barbeque, Grilled Pusit, Kare Kare (the family favorite), Sisig, Crispy Pata, Lechon Kawali (Macao), Sweet and Sour or Steamed Lapu Lapu. Although most of the time we don't have to plan the menu... we just have to go with the flow and prepare extra servings of what was ordered by friends and neighbours for their own party.

Ofcourse, her pansit (noodles) are superb that some times I'll skip my co-employees treat of Pansit Bihon, Canton, Sotanghon, Lomi, Palabok, Malabon or Luglog since it is always in the table for snack at home. Would you believe my co-employees would compare her Lasagna with those served in Italian Resto? I never tasted Spaghetti from fast food chains since my family recipe surpass them all... I want mine with boiled eggs aside from the cheese in it and I never forget the taste of my great grand aunt's which includes chicken on red sauce aside from the meat balls.

Then, there is her famous desserts like Ube Yam, Leche Flan, Brownies, Bibingka, Maja Blanca, Puto and the likes. Anyone who knows her had surely enjoyed a taste of her cooking prowess. All the foods she serves are guaranteed fresh from the oven and reasonably priced. So if you are having an occasion or just want to eat for no reason try our home cook dishes.

For inquiries call or text us at mobile numbers 09278366740; 09204244388 or 09324988928.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Furnished 3 Bedroom Condo Unit For Rent with 1 Parking Slot

Come home to your own piece of privacy at a 3-tower residential condominium complex strategically located in the quiet side of Mandaluyong. With no other high-rise development nearby, you can enjoy unlimited access to spectacular views of the Makati, Manila, and Ortigas skylines.

Near EDSA and Boni

Dansalan Location map

The building designs at each of the Dansalan Gardens towers are highlighted by several features that give residents a complete safety support system for utmost convenience. Some of the building features include:

* Thirty one floor levels
* Hotel-like lobby with reception counter
* Three high-speed passenger elevators
* Automatic fire sprinkler system for all units
* Ample water supply through overhead water tank and underground water cistern
* Standby power generator
* Space for commercial areas (convenience store)
* Individual electric and water meters
* Individual mail boxes with keys
* Provision for cable TV connection
* Provision for telephone line connection
* Intercom in all units

The unit incluse 3 Bath/1 Maid's Qtr/1 Stock Room/1 Big Screen TV/Aircondition Living Room/
Picnic Area/Club House/Videoke Room/High Sky Lounge/Visitor's Lounge/Huge Swimming Pool/Store with Internet Computer Rental/Beauty Saloon/Water Station/Laundry Station/Half Basketball Court/Gated/Gym/24 Hours Security.

Near University/Malls/City Hall/PLDT/MRT Station/Bus Station/Pasig/The Fort/Makati/Manila/San Juan... Contact Mr. Ferdinand Luminta @ +639193107562 or text @ +639214458448 and +639281632919