Sunday, February 26, 2012

RAIN or shine, tomorrow is a big day for Iglesia Ni Cristo

Zero vicibility of Makati CBD
yesterday 27 February 2012
The rain poured heavy for an hour this afternoon and, as I checked my office window, I got zero visibility of Makati and Manila.  The same window where the Makati CBD is very visible when the sky is clear.  Then a question pops from my head. What stops people from what ever plans they have to go out of their house for the day? It could only be Rain! 

But this is not true to Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) members.  To us the rain is just a rain.  It never restrains us from attending our activity such us our Grand Evangelical Mission tomorrow, 28th of February, 2012 at 5:00 P.M.  I won't be surprised if millions of people will gather in the stretch of Manila starting from the Quirino Grandstand which I predict would occupy the most of the Luneta Park up to

Taft Avenue
and minor streets nearby.  I won't even be surprised if they start gathering as early as the sun rises tomorrow!

We are Iglesia Ni Cristo after all, for us it is a way of life to serve God and Glorify him by inviting non believers to attend our Bible Exposition and teach them the Words of God.  It is inherent to us to spread our religious beliefs however unconventional or controversial it is to others.  What is important to us is it is what is written in the bible.  It is God's message to His chosen few!  And as few as the sands from the shore that you can grief in your hand, is the ones God will save on Judgment Day.

Most of our invitees are there to hear our church's beliefs and God's bible teachings.  They also get pleased hearing the choir singing Christian Hymns to glorify God.  But what gets them in awe is the holy spirit pouring from each holy words uttered by the chorister and the minister officiating the prayers and lesson.

At the end we impart to them not just the knowledge learned in each bible exposition but the spiritual belief and the fate.  It is then up to each guest to decide whether to pursue their bible studies and be a part of the church eventually.

RAIN or shine, tomorrow is a big day for Iglesia Ni Cristo not just in Quirino Grandstand but to key cities nationwide. To GOD be the Glory!!!!