Thursday, December 9, 2010

When love was blind - Summary

Eunice is a girl who is having a relationship with Alquin – a certified playboy, but still she opted to stick with him no matter what.  Eunice thought her edge over the other girls is that she and Alquin are in the same religion and knowing how conservative their religion is he will be more serious with their relationship.  One by one, Alquin discontinued his relationship with other girls and it made her more secured.  Until one day, before the semester ends, Alquin called and tells Eunice she needs to talk to someone.  That someone is Edna – Alquin’s long time childhood sweetheart whom he is seriously having a relationship and like the other girls Eunice was being dumped too.  Having her pride and own self esteem in tacked, she lets him go without even bothering to fight for their love.  She felt defeated knowing that the girl is always with him.

In all of this, Eunice friend Alain watches by and comforts her.  To Alain she is deeply inlove with Alquin and time will heal her fragile heart’s wounds.  Alain is always there by her side every free time they have they share with each other’s company.  Everyone observes the dedication Alain have for Eunice but they both never bothered to notice.  Alain thought she is still nurturing her old flame for Alquin and Eunice thought he is interested with another girl, Belle.  Belle even asked Eunice tips on how she can get noticed by the elusive Alain and Eunice even bothered to push Belle to her bestfriend.  According to Belle, one time when Alain went to watch a movie with their friends with out Eunice, Belle over heared Alain and Jojo discussing something. It seems that Jojo is giving Alain a push to court Belle since they are seated beside each other at that time. Hearing this story, Eunice thought that she is doing her best pal Alain a favor and helped Belle get noticed.

However, Alain who gives in to Eunice and the rest of his friends demand to finally court the girl he loves, shocked and embarrassed Eunice.  Alain decided to admit his feelings not for Belle but for Eunice.  Eunice felt a lump in her throat and had to swallow hard before the very thought sinks in.  However, Eunice cannot hide her happiness that it is she - her best friend really wants.  After all Alain is not just being elusive he is one of the best catch in their group.   With a baritone voice that can sweep away any girl, a good physic thanks to their regular swimming activity and a very intelligent mind that even she admits is beyond her own.

But how about Belle?  Although Eunice cannot just give up on Alain now that he confessed his feelings she does not want to get Belle hurt, hence she is willing to sacrifice their love altogether.  Not knowing what to do Eunice asked Jojo for advise.  It was at that time that she found out that Alain and Jojo were not discussing Belle all along.  Instead, at the time Belle was eavesdropping, they were talking about Alain's feelings towards Eunice.  Jojo observes Eunice and Alain daily -  holding hands everytime they are together, gazing each other as if they are the only person in the world,  sharing and putting food in each other’s plates; but still tells everyone they are the best of pal.  This makes Jojo play cupid and urges Alain to open his blinded eyes to reality.

Now Eunice has no choice but to admit to Belle her mistakes and the misunderstandings.  Although Belle got hurt and felt deceived finding out about Eunice and Alain, she decided to just leave them be and be happy for them.  By that time Eunice and Alain eventually decided to give in to their true feelings and show their love for each other.